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"Join my newsletter - Wayne Marinovich Photography"


Before subscribing to my newsletter you may want to know a little bit about me. Please head over to the “About me” section of my blog to find out what makes me tick.

With the meteoric rise of social media, messenger apps and the speed at which posts disappear from view, it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening in your online social community. Communication, on the other hand, has never been more accessible with all this mobile technology we use. However, the sheer volume of information streaming down our social media timelines means that information is quickly missed. And that’s why I love the email newsletter.

As a photographer, email is still the best tool for me to communicate directly with you. My newsletter gives people an insight into what I’m working on, changes in the photographic world and how I interpret them, plus access to any promotions and workshops. It’s a first glimpse at what content I’m producing before anyone else gets to see it.

"Wayne Marinovich Photography Newsletter - Join Now"


So why should you subscribe to my newsletter?


Promotions and competitions

  • Wildlife and urban print giveaways (see my photography work here)
  • Giveaways of the different photography guides I’ve produced or am working on.

Sign up gifts

Once you sign up, you’ll be given access to download the following books for FREE

  • WildArt eBook for your iPad
  • Master your photographic journey – A digital guide for amateurs  (PDF) – Coming soon

New Photography workshops

  • Be the first to know of any new photography workshops that I’m offering
  • When I offer reduced price workshops, you’ll be the first to know.

New Work

  • I will often have new projects going live, along with more giveaways (prints etc.)
  • Trip reports on my travels
  • Early bird updates to new free content loaded on the Learning Hub on my website.


"Join my newsletter - Wayne Marinovich Photography"