Abstract Wildlife Photography week #2

Day 2 of sharing my favourite abstract wildlife photos was a very easy photo to get. I had long had this image in my mind after messing about with a stiff-bristled broom many years back. I had noticed that Zebras had quite short and bristly manes so thought that it would make an interesting crop.

So the idea grew and I kept it bubbling along until I saw the chance. I was in the Hluhluwe-imfolozi Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa at the time, and the weather was dark, grey and threatening. I was visiting in December which is rich in rainfall and the bush was green and overgrown. Wildlife photography always becomes difficult in lush bush like that.

It’s then that I started to try and shoot more common species in a different way rather than tearing about trying to chase the big and more elusive animals. I came across three zebras which were more tolerant of my vehicle and after the initial, they stare at me and I stare at them, introduction, they continued grazing and ignored me.

Supporting my Canon 500mm lens on a bean bag on the window frame, I took many different tightly crop abstracts. There were many that I really liked but this was my favourite as it was in my minds-eye. I had wanted the vertical black and white stripes of the back to blend into the vertical mane, and I think I got it.


Zebra Abstract, Hluhluwe Umfolozi  Game reserve - marinovich Photography

Zebra Abstract





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