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Photography is a fantastic journey of discovery for all creatives who pick up a camera to record the world they see before them. It is a quest to take the perfect photograph. A pursuit, thankfully, we will never achieve.

One of the best ways to learn photography is to study the masters who have gone before us. Men and women who have laid out the signposts. We much still make the journey ourselves, but with them as our guides


List of all published photography books


WildArt  – A Lower Perspective

"WildArt photography Book - Wayne Marinovich Photography"


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WildArt – A Lower Perspective is a simple tribute to the wonderful wildlife I have been fortunate enough to photograph since making the shift from film to digital photography in 2004. Thirty-three beautiful images in a digital book of animals and birds from around the planet. Includes a generous foreword by Peter Cairns

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Master your photographic Journey – A digital guide for amateurs.

"Master Your photographic Journey - Wayne Marinovich Photography"


COMING SOON – April 2022

A digital guide for amateurs new to photography or seasoned amateurs of many years. The journey of photography is a fantastic path that you can walk for the rest of your life. We will always want to take better photos than we are doing, and I hope this photography book can help guide you along that path. Whether it is the technical or creative help you need most, this book looks at many of the aspects you’ll need in your photography.

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