International Polar Bear Day – Feb 27th


The wonderful polar bear is one of the most clear examples of how you cannot save an individual species through direct intervention. If you save the Arctic, the Polar bear will endure. It’s all about preserving the eco-system. They need the ice to hunt successfully and maintain their populations. I was lucky to spend some time with them north of Svalbard, Norway, with one spectacular sighting of a very tolerant male. He had just smashed a whole seal as we watched him from the decks of the MS Origo. 30 minutes later we approached the edge of the ice in Zodiacs and the rest was history.

Long may they trudge the snow and ice of the north


"Polar bear Arctic Svalbard - Marinovich Wildlife Photography"0016-Polar-bear-arctic-Svalbard-marinovich-wildlife-photography


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