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"Kalahari Dream"

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Kalahari Dream

Kalahari Dream is simply about passion. Passion for a truly wonderful and remote part of Southern Africa, passion for wildlife and passion for conservation. Whether or not you have ever been to the Kalahari Desert, you will love this easy and often emotional read.

It’s a story about Chris Mercer and Beverley Pervan’s Kalahari experience in wildlife rehabilitation. Set in a region of South Africa that at the time, had no formal rehabilitation centres for wildlife. It is a warm, truthful and passionate account of their continued journey to make a difference.

More than a book

I read a review somewhere that described it as a movie book and with 60 video clip URL’s of some of the characters that came to call the Kalahari Raptor Centre home, you do get a great multi-faceted experience. There are some wonderful photos of colourful characters who shared their lives at the rehab centre and were nursed back to health. It’s a very easy and welcoming read, and it felt like I was sitting there with them as they told me the story with a porcupine or bat-eared fox sniffing around my feet. Follow the link to the book’s website to see photos of some of the animals that worked their way into Chris and Beverley’s hearts.

Some other thoughts that I took from the book were the many issues that exist in conservation legislation and misguided thinking with regards to some of the animals you will get to know. Many of these species are still considered pests by farming communities and are sadly still shot. The lack of knowledge and action by some of the so-called conservation authorities is also pretty deplorable in my opinion. Sadly they show an institutional arrogance when confronted by people they deemed to be unqualified to confront them.

A campaign to support

Chris is still actively campaigning against canned hunting which is sadly still very prevalent in South Africa. He does this through the Campaign against Canned hunting charity that he founded. Please have a look at the website and donate directly or give money by buying one of the books.

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Campaign Against Canned Hunting CACH


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