One of my favourite photos #6 – Musk Ox pair

I am African born and raised, so zero degrees Celsius should be like an apocalyptic movie to me. Weirdly enough I love the cold, so walking in oversized plastic snowshoes behind sleds pulled by dogs, goes a long way to making me a happy man. We hiked up the ice and snow to try to find the Musk Ox, then the wind died down, and we were blessed with breathtaking landscapes.

After a few hours of climbing we found a group of animals and the shutters ripped. These two had been sparring for a while when they suddenly turned and faced us. Such a memorable experience.

Place: Dovrefjell Mountain Range, Norway.


"Musk Ox Pair - Dovrefjell Norway - Marinovich Wildlife Photography"



"Hiking in Dovrefjell after Mussk Osx - Marinovich Wildlife Photography"

Hiking up after the dogsleds to find Musk Ox




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