Portrait shoot with Lucy Ames

Lucy Ames

I came across Lucy’s work after moving to Horsham in West Sussex. Googling all the artists in the local area, her work immediately caught my eye. After exchanging a few emails, she kindly agreed to let me shoot a few portraits of her in her creative space of work.

Lucy shares a studio with three other talented artists, and the creative vibe is palpable as soon as you walk through the door. She’s a self-taught artist who mixes various media into her work and was an absolute treat to work with.

Lucy is currently exhibiting at the Arundel Gallery Trail (19-28 August)

Do stop in and Hi. Gallery address HERE


"Lucy Ames - Creative Spaces - Marinovich Photography"


The Creative Space Project

I managed to get the wide-angle image environmental portrait of Lucy working that I wanted pretty early on into the shoot. Her creative space is filled with work and materials needed to produce her art, and I love the fact that is so cluttered and busy. This is one of the reasons that I embarked on the project in the first place.  The more cluttered the work space, the more character it adds to the images when photographed with a wide-angle lens (16-35mm)

CLICK HERE to see more work in the Creative Space project.

"Lucy Ames - Marinovich Photography"


A journey

While I took a few portraits, we chatted about Lucy’s journey to get to the point that she was doing what she loved.

Lucy, like so many other creatives, had been on a journey working in areas of the corporate world. With a qualification in business, which still serves her well, it’s great to see people move away from what people expected them to do for the duration of their lives.

"Lucy Ames - Creative space project - Marinovich Photography"


I’ve always loved the creative process more than the art itself. Lucy’s use of different types of media is a testament to experimenting with the process then working on projects that will yield sales of her work.

She showed me old magazines that she sources or are given to her, and how pages or images make their way physically (or are recreated) into a piece of art. Inspiration can also come from the online world with the help of an iPad on her desk. All are part and parcel of the process she uses so successfully to create and live the life she has a passion for.

Big thanks to you, Lucy, for letting me jump around the studio to captures the images that I had in mind. Below are some links and exhibitions where you can view her work

View her work







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