Split in Twitter accounts.

Time has finally come to split out my Twitter account. All my tweet activity so far has been conducted on the Marinovich Books account, and because the topics and content have become so diverse, I have started a new one for Marinovich Photography and Environmentalism.

Marinovich Books

This content will be writing, and publishing focused with an emphasis on my books and the work of others. Obviously, there is some crossover with the Kyle Gibbs and Hudson Drake series as these are ecological thrillers, but I am busy working on other books that have no reference to the environment or planet, so I want to focus on the right target audiences.

Marinovich Photography

This account will be home for my photography work, whether it is the wildlife, travel or campaign photography that I do. It will also encompass my activism and environmentalism which as many of you know, is so important to me. Here, the focus will be on overpopulation, climate change and other environmental issues caused by man, species facing extinction, wildlife trafficking and anti-hunt campaigning.

Please feel free to follow both accounts, or whichever area covers the interests you would like to read about, by clicking on the images below.


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"marinovich photography Twitter account"



















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