Treecreeper in the Cairngorms.

Another lifer for me from my last trip to the Cairngorms National Park in February. I have heard that there are regular sightings closer to where I live but I have just never seen them. Imagine my joy, when over a hearty Scottish oats breakfast, I heard that one of the other photographers had seen one at one of the bird hides.

Sitting in the “woodpecker hide” we waited patiently for the little chap, as the some of the usual suspects made their appearance. Then at the base of the tree we spotted it. I had this shot in mind as I wanted some space behind the bird, to allow for any streaks of rain. Sadly, the rain never got any heavier, but the clouds dropped and as we were in the middle of a forest, so the light went south too (hence the 5000 ISO).

Happy with the results though.


"treecreeper - Cairngorms National Park - Marinovich wildlife photography"


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Aves

Order: Passeriformes

Suborder: Passeri

Superfamily: Certhioidea

Family: Certhiidae

Latin name: Certhia familiaris



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