USA road trip 2013. Part 2 – Louisiana

After a few wonderful days in the State of Florida, Anneli and I had just a short drive through the States of Alabama and Mississippi to our next stop. We cruised into Louisiana and drove straight to one of the cities we were both so excited to visit. New Orleans – home of great food, great music and great history.

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"2013 Road trip map - The Marinovich's"

2013 Road trip map

"New Orleans architecture – Marinovich Wildlife Photography”

New Orleans architecture

"lone scooter – Marinovich Wildlife Photography”

Lone scooter

"More New Orleans architecture"

More New Orleans architecture

"Napoleon house - New Orleans"

Napoleon house – New Orleans

Loved the Napoleon House bar with all its history which epitomises the look and feel of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Established in 1797, it is surely one of the oldest businesses in New Orleans. History just oozes from the streets and corners of the French Quarter which made it great for photography. It was difficult not to just keep shooting, whether the architecture, residents or historic details of the city.

"New Orleans pharmacy"

New Orleans pharmacy

"New Orleans voodoo shop"

New Orleans voodoo shop

"Napoleon House Black and White"

Napoleon House Black and White


Hurricane drinks to get you in the mood

"New Orleans street – Marinovich Wildlife Photography”

New Orleans street

"St Peter street - New Orleans"

St Peter street – New Orleans

"Weary travellers"

Weary travellers

"New Orleans band – Marinovich Wildlife Photography”

New Orleans band

"Performing to the balconies"

Performing to the balconies

"Resting performer in New Orleans”

Resting performer in New Orleans

"New Orleans street scene – Marinovich Wildlife Photography”

New Orleans street scene

"Hanging ivy - New Orleans"

Hanging ivy – New Orleans

"watering the plants"

Watering the plants

"Boarded up - New Orleans"

Boarded up – New Orleans

"Street parade - New Orleans"

Street parade – and a good day to you sir

"Off down the pub"

Off down the pub

"Law enforcement -  New Orleans"

Law enforcement – New Orleans style

"New Orleans architecture 2 – Marinovich Wildlife Photography”

New Orleans architecture 2

"Beverage shop"

Beverage shop

"New Orleans private residence – Marinovich Wildlife Photography”

New Orleans private residence

"Man and dog walking in New Orleans"

Man and dog

"New Orleans corner - Marinovich wildlife photography"

New Orleans corner

"Trendy Resident - New Orleans"

Trendy Resident

"Old and New - New Orleans"

Old and New

"Balcony overload - New Orleans"

Balcony overload

"Name says it all - Bourbon Street, New Orleans"

Name says it all. Was my dream to have a few drinks here….and did we just..

It is one of those iconic streets in the world that is renowned for vibrant night-life and it did not disappoint. From the neon lit takeaway restaurants, very cheap alcohol by the bucket, tourists from all over the world, teenage Americans trying to get around the U21 prohibition, exotic entertainment of every kind and live music pumping out the doorways. You cannot but have a great time here.


"Early festivities - Bourbon Street"

Early festivities – Bourbon Street

"Exotic Bars - Bourbon street"

Exotic Bars and Bras

"Drunken Burrito - Bourbon street"

Drunken Burrito – where depressed burrito’s go for solace

No idea – he was just dancing there.

"Voodoo lovely - New Orleans"

Voodoo lovely – New Orleans

"Twilight with no Vampires - New Orleans"

Twilight with no Vampires – New Orleans

"It says it all - New Orleans"

It says it all – New Orleans

"Canon 1Dx performing in lowlight - New Orleans"

Canon 1Dx performing in lowlight

"Going so fast he stood still  - Street performer, New Orleans"

Going so fast, he stood still – Street performer, New Orleans

"Late Nigh entertainment - New Orleans"

Late Night sets

"Thanks a lot of Coke"

Thats a lot of Coke

"New Orleans history"

New Orleans history all over the place

"Posh texting - New Orleans"

Posh texting – New Orleans

"Blue and Yellow houses - New Orleans"

Blue and Yellow houses – New Orleans

"A beer or three"

A beer or three

"Ford pick-up - New Orleans"

Ford pick-up

"More New Orleans Architecture"

More New Orleans Architecture

Matassas - New Orleans

Matassas – New Orleans

A Rocking Dwelling

A Rocking Dwelling

"1240 - New Orleans"


"flaming machine"

Flaming machine

"Bunting - New Orleans"


"Crossroads at the house of blues - New Orleans"

Crossroads at the House of Blues

"The Natchez riverboat - New Orleans"

The Natchez riverboat – New Orleans

"Local residents"

Local residents – They do know the best places to quench their thirsts

"Taking the Streetcar - New Orleans"

Taking the Streetcar – New Orleans

"Streetcar - New Orleans"

Streetcar – New Orleans

"Lafayette Cemetery - New Orleans"

Lafayette Cemetery – New Orleans

"Lafayette Cemetery - New Orleans"

Lafayette Cemetery – New Orleans

"Lafayette Cemetery resident- New Orleans"

Lafayette Cemetery resident (alive)

"Lafayette Cemetery resident- New Orleans"

No place to be at night

"Somewhere on Magazine street - New Orleans"

Somewhere on Magazine street

"The Antebellum Houses of the garden district - New Orleans"

The Antebellum Houses of the Garden district

"Local Music"

Local New Orleans tunes

At a clothing shop, we got talking to a local resident who told us that we have to head to Frenchmen Street to get the true feel of New Orleans and because we had pretty much done all the tourist things in the Bourbon street area, we took a walk. We had some shrimp and grits for dinner before pub hopping to find some of the local music. We found this awesome little place – The Spotted Cat Music Club and watched the fantastic Chaz Washboard Blue trio.


"Waiting for the show - the Spotted Cat, New Orleans"

Waiting for the show – the Spotted Cat, New Orleans

"The Spotted Cat, New Orleans"

The Spotted Cat, New Orleans

"Washboard Chaz Blues trio - The Spotted Cat, New Orleans"

Washboard Chaz Blues trio – The Spotted Cat, New Orleans

"Washboard Chaz Blues trio - Getting down"

Washboard Chaz Blues trio – Getting down



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