Basics of Digital Photography course

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Basics of Digital Photography

This course is perfect for enthusiasts who are eager to learn the basics of their digital camera in an informal setting. Sessions are offered outside the standard classroom situation and based more of the practical application while taking photos instead of just talking about photography.

This one-to-one method will allow you to learn at a pace more suited to you as we cover the basic theory before going out to take photos. These lessons will help you to move off the “Auto” mode and take control of your creative vision.

For beginners who feel frustrated with the photos they’re currently taking but don’t know how to improve, this course is precisely what you need.

Anyone can take a good photo. My vision is to help people to learn how to take good photos on a continual basis.

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"Beginner camera training in London - Marinovich Photography"

“The hardest job of the photographer is seeing the way that the camera sees.” – David DuChemin.

Who is the course for?

  • Newbies – no previous photography or digital camera experience.
  • Beginners/Amateurs – previous experience with a digital camera but looking to get more creative with their photography.


Duration and Price

  • 4-hour session (1-hour indoor theory + 3-hour outdoor practical)
  • £125 one-to-one (or £200 if you bring a friend)



Training is held in London and the South of England. The idea is to find a coffee shop or café to sit in and go through camera setup and theory. Once you have the basics, we venture outside to do some basic photography. Please contact me to discuss the location in more detail.


"Basic camera training in London - Marinovich Photography"


Equipment needed

  • Your own DSLR or mirrorless camera with a detachable lens is preferable, but let’s chat and see what you have.


The course includes

"Basics of digital photography course guide -Wayne Marinovich Photography"

  • 30-page course guide booklet
  • One-to-one photography tuition
  • Ergonomics of the camera body and lens (What do all the buttons, screens and sockets do?)
  • Shooting modes and when to use them (getting off Auto or Program mode)
  • Understanding your camera menus
  • Focal length and camera shake
  • What is exposure and how to get it right
  • The focusing system
  • Use your histogram to see light
  • Basic composition rules



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Wayne Marinovich is a successful photographer and published author living in West Sussex in the UK. Through his love of the natural world and a passion for photographing the urban landscape, he is now offering 1-2-1 tailored photographic sessions.

With 35 years of photography experience, these sessions will be geared around teaching you how to learn to capture the images you’ve always imagined taking by making the most of your photographic equipment.

Wayne will help you unleash your creativity and inspire you to see the world with fresh eyes through your viewfinder.




For something a little more specific, like learning to shoot in the urban environment, you may also be interested in the Urban Photography workshop




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