Croatia Trip Report

Many of you will guess from my surname that my ancestry hails from Croatia, although it was still Yugoslavia when my grandparents left to make the journey to South Africa. It was only a matter of time before I made the pilgrimage back to the land of my forefathers. Croatian is only one part of my ancestry, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Having seen many brochures and sailing magazines depicting the beauty of the country, Anneli and I were blown away by the place. The hospitality of the people we encountered was incredible, warm and welcoming and as we later learned, eight days is not enough to even scratch the surface.

The itinerary was to spend two days in Split (my grandfather was born nearby), then three days on the island of Vis, two days on the island of Brač and then a final day back in Split. There was way too much to see and do, but we made a good fist of what we could get to see in that space of time. Croatia is a place that needs time to explore, and you cannot do it justice in a short visit. We are going back.

Favourite things:

  • Cruising around Vis with Mrs M, on two Scooters.
  • Peka – slow cooked lamb or octopus in a Peka, covered with coals
  • Croatian hospitality
  • Falling out of my sea-kayak for the tenth time (they’re made for dainty people)
  • History of Croatia – Roman history, military Tunnels.
  • Stiniva



"Vis Harbour" - marinovich-photography"

Vis Harbour

"Split - Coratia - marinovich photography"

Having a coffee while planning the best way to tackle the city of Split

"window shutters galore - marinovich photography"

Window shutters galore

"Trg Republike - marinovich-photography"

Trg Republike – Split

"Trg Republike archways - marinovich-photography"

Trg Republike archways – Split

"Gargoyle Art - marinovich-photography"

Gargoyle Art – Split

"Narodni Trg - marinovich-photography"

Narodni Trg – Split. A great little plaza to start your exploring

"Zlatna vrata - Golden Gate - Marinovich photography"

Zlatna Vrata – Golden Gate, Split, Croatia

"Old gate and walls, Poljana kraljice Jelene, Old Town - marinovich photography"

Old gate and walls, Poljana kraljice Jelene, Old Town, Split

"Bougainvillea - marinovich photography"

Bougainvillea beauty

"The Cathedral of Saint Domnius - marinovich-photography"

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius known locally as the Saint Dujam (Sveti Dujam)

"Old Wall - marinovich photography"

Street dining in the shadows of the Old Wall, Split

"Street dinind in Split - marinovich photography"

Street dining

"Nightlife, Split - marinovich photography"

Preparing for the night rush, Narodni trg

"Split Croatia - marinovich photography"

The old wall at night


"Ferry to Vis Croatia - Marinovich photography"

Mrs M 0n the Ferry from Split to Vis. About a two-hour journey

"lemon Beer - marinovich photography"

Lemon beer for the journey

"Vis Harbour, Croatia - marinovich photography"

Vis Harbour, Croatia

"Vis beach - marinovich photography"

Our Beach. Five minutes walk from our Airbnb apartment

"Vis Croatia - marinovich photography"

The front porch. Hanging bed, stone garden and view of the sea

"Vis croatia - marinovich-photography"

Both great places to visit

"Vineyards in Vis, Croatia - marinovich photography"

Vineyards galore. My favourite fruit – giving its life to make wine.

"Old Island of Vis - marinovich photography"

The odd bullet hole

"Komiza, island of Vis, Croaia - marinovich-photography"

Komiža, Vis. Another breathtaking little town

"Komiza , Vis - marinovich-photography"

My obsession with doors and windows continues

"Old fisherman, Komiza, island of Vis - marinovich-photography"

Old fisherman, Komiza, island of Vis

"Military tunnels of Vis, Croatia - marinovich-photography"

Kilometres of military tunnels were commissioned by Josip Broz Tito after WWII and can be explored if you can find them

"Komiza, Vis - marinovich-photography"

Mrs M taking a closer look at one of the tunnels we found leaving Komiza

"Stiniva, Croatia - marinovich photography"

Stiniva beach and cove.

"Scooters -marinovich-photography"

Old and the new. My obsession with photographing scooters continues

"Flower Market - Split, Croatia - marinovich-photography"

Flower Market – Split, Croatia

"Peka, Croatia, dalmation -marinovich-photography"

You just have to try the Octopus slow-cooked in a Peka

"Croatian dinning street scene - marinovich-photography"

Croatian dining

Cobblestone streets croatia-marinovich-photography

Worn cobblestone walkways – Split, Croatia


Murals, Split

"Split, Croatia streetart - marinovich-photography"

Of course, street art is always welcome

"Croatian flag - marinovich-photography"

The National Flag

"Wagon Croatia - marinovich-photography"

Old transport

"Streetart Split Croatia - marinovich-photography"

More street art. I can never walk past it without photographing it

"Canon Travel Split - marinovich-photography"

Canon on all our travels.

"Brac Croatia - Marinovich-photography"

All kinds of blue sea

"Bol Brac Brač Croatia-marinovich-photography"

Town of Bol on the Island of Brač. Catching the ferry.


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