Japan Dolphins Day – Sept 2016

On the first of September, the largest group of people against the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, assembled in Cavendish Square, London, to march on the Japanese Embassy. The purpose: To give voice to the thousands of dolphins that have been slaughtered and captured in the small killing cove.

This insidious hunting practice has long been touted as a traditional past time by the Japanese Government and their fishermen, but with soaring levels of mercury in the dolphin meat, there is no longer any justification for the Japanese consumption of dolphin products.

And so, the trade in captive dolphins is the sole reason the practice still exists and for every single dolphin that is ripped from its pod, 17 have to be killed. One of the key ways to help end this slaughter is not to buy a ticket to a dolphin or orca show. Stop the trade by boycotting these entertainment spectacles.

Ric O Barry, who has tirelessly led the campaign to end this practice, joined us on the march as we walked through London’s busiest tourist areas. Seeing all the mobile phones trained upon the peaceful and festive march means that the occasion will be streamed around the world.  Thanks for the impassioned speech Ric. We will all continue until the hunting stops

So what can you do? Below is a link to a blog post which details a list of things that you can do to help.

The Taiji Dolphin Slaughter. What can you do to help stop it?



"Stop the slaughter - Marinovich-photography!

Stop the Slaughter

"All about the dolphins -marinovich-photography"

It was all about the dolphins

"preparation for the march -marinovich-photography"

Preparation for the March

"Let them live wild and free - marinovich-photography"

Let them live wild and free

"Balloons were everywhere - marinovich-photography"

Balloons were everywhere

"More balloons - marinovich-photography"

More balloons

"Their blood is in your hands - marinovich-photography"

Japan – Their blood on your hands

"End all the slaughter - marinovich-photography"

End all the slaughter

"Taiji Slaughter - marinovich-photography"

Another balloon

"Taiji Killing Cove - marinovich-photography"

Free swimming Whales and Dolphins is the only answer

"Taiji killing cove - marinovich-photography"

The slaughter happens in the Cove

"Japan slaughtering more Dolphins - marinovich-photography"

No to dolphin slaughter. No to dolphin captivity

"Japan dolphins march - marinovich-photography"

Getting ready to march

"Dom Dyer activist - marinovich-photography"

Dom Dyer warming the crown up.

"Japan kills dolphins -marinovich-photography"

Stop killing Dolphins

"voice for the voiceless - marinovich-photography"

We are the voice for the voiceless

""Stop the slaughter of dolphins Japan - marinovich-photography"

Stop the slaughter

"igazi cover ready to go - marinovich-photography"

Ready to go

"Japan stop killing dolphins in Taiji - marinovich-photography"

Japan. Stop killing Dolphins.

"No to dolphin shows in Phuket - marinovich-photography"

No to dolphin shows in Phuket

"March against the japanese dolphin slaughter - marinovich-photography"

Here we go

"Ric o Barry protesting in London - marinovich-photography"

Our fearless leader out front.

"Igazi Dolphin eco thriller - marinovich-photography"

No to dolphin captivity

"getting the word out there - marinovich-photography"

More selfies mean more social media exposure

"London March against the killing of dolphins in Japan - marinovich-photography"

London March against the killing of dolphins in Japan

"Taiji - Stop the slaughter in the water-marinovich-photography"

Taiji. Stop the slaughter in the water

"Young and old protest against Japan - marinovich-photography"

Old and young. All the voices count

"London Japanese Embassy - marinovich-photography"

Our destination – London’s Japanese Embassy

"Making a noise at the Japanese Embassy - marinovich-photography"

Yes, luv. We are here to make a noise

"Use social media to protest against Japan - marinovich-photography"

#Dolphin Project #thecove #tweet4taiji – Use the tweets

"Blood on their hands marinovich-photography"

Blood on Japanese Government official’s hands

"Japanese embassy - marinovich-photography"

Protesting all day

"Taiji Protest - marinovich-photography"

The Superpod

""Japanese Olympics - marinovich-photography"

Blood on your hands


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