Free Photography Book – Mastering Your Photographic Journey

Mastering Your Photographic Journey

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Photography is a wonderful art form that needs those who do it to wear two hats. One is a technical, calculating one, and the other is a creative, fluid one. Both require an excellent understanding to create memorable images.

It’s not the oldest art form out there, not by a long shot, but one that’s developed technically faster than any other. No matter what your photography level is, everyone starts at the beginning with the goal of producing work that enthrals and entertains all viewers.

The journey itself is simple – learn, try, fail, learn, succeed.

I’ve taken photos for thirty-five years as I’ve travelled the world and witnessed all of human and nature’s glory. Being a published author since 2014 (fiction and non-fiction), I thought it would be a great chance to try and cram all those combined years into a book about a person’s journey through their photography. Whether you’re a hobbyist or have ambitions of being a professional photographer someday, hopefully, there will be something for you in the book.

Master Your Photographic Journey is a book geared towards making you think about your technical and creative journey.

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Why I wrote this book

I’d helped many people as a long-time photographer, all informally, of course. Then I decided to become a photography teacher and mentor, and I started to get an understanding of what new photographers and amateurs were struggling with.

Looking back, I realise that for me, it’s been an epic photographic journey from beginner to hobbyist, to professional, back to part-timer, and then to professional once again. So, what’s the message here? Simply that, it’s a journey of learning – and one of constant learning whether you actively seek it out or struggle through it via hard lessons.

I also realised that just like learning to ride a bike or drive a car, photography can’t be taught. I cannot teach you photography, I can only teach you how to learn it for yourself. This is one of the lessons I reiterate throughout the book, and I hope that in the end, you walk away with an understanding of how to grow on your journey. That’s all I can hope for a teacher.


Who is it for

This 120-page guide is for the new photographer who has hardly picked up a DSLR or mirrorless camera or the beginner who is struggling to grow and is disheartened with the results they’re getting when they press the shutter release button.

It’s for people who want to elevate their work above the simple “point-and-shoot” photos that we take when we all start out.

Master Your Photographic Journey is for people who want a picture of what a long journey into the creativity of photography may involve to either grow their hobby or plan a path into a career.


What you can expect

This book is broken down into the following main sections:

  • Your technical journey
  • Your creative journey
  • Mastering your editing and curation
  • Your future in photography
  • Building your own photography platform

All of these sections are filled with basic concepts, my personal tips, including some lessons that I’ve learnt along the way. We cover the technical aspects of your camera, learning to get the correct exposure, and understanding both light and shadow. Then we’ll move into how to see and compose your photographs within the rectangular frame you will use.

We also delve into what it takes to constantly learn during your editing process and push the creative side while taking photographs out there in the world. Finally, I talk about the future of photography a little and expand on what it takes to become a professional with their photographic brand.


"Get this 120-page book for FREE by joining my newsletter"



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