Digital Photography for Amateurs

"Photography training for intermediate photographers - Wayne Marinovich Photography"


Digital Photography for Amateurs

A big part of the photographic journey is that not only does your technical ability grow with each photo that you take, but your eye for detail and composition grows exponentially as well. You want to be more creative with your camera, but you’re not quite sure how.

If this sounds familiar, then the Digital Photography for Amateurs course is the one for you. It balances understanding the technical aspects of your camera with composing images in a variety of settings and lighting conditions. The best way to improve your photography skills is to get out there and trip that shutter release. In this course, I’ll be working alongside you to help you get the photos you visualise.

“Photography can only be taught in part, specifically that part which deals with photo Technique. Everything else must come from the photographer.” – Andreas Feiniger.

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Who is the course for?

Beginner/Amateur Photographers

  • Who have been taking photos as a hobby, keeping to Program mode and other Automatic settings
  • Who’ve done photography for a few years and are comfortable with Aperture and Shutter speed modes.
  • Have a good understanding of exposure and the basic principles of shooting on Manual but may be scared to do it.


Duration and Price

  • 4-hour session (1-hour indoor theory + 3-hour outdoor street walk)
  • The duration of the theory session and outdoor walk might differ according to your skill level.
  • £125 one-to-one (or £200 bring a friend).


"Photography training for intermediate photographers - Wayne Marinovich Photography"



Training is held in London and the South of England (Brighton/Hove). The idea is to find a coffee shop or café to sit in and go through camera setup and theory. Once you have the basics, we venture outside to do some basic photography. Please call to discuss the location in more detail.

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Equipment Needed

  • Your own DSLR or mirrorless camera with a detachable lens is preferable, but let’s chat and see what you have.


The content covered in the training

"Basics of digital photography course guide - Wayne Marinovich Photography"

  • 30-page course guide booklet
  • One-to-one Photography Tuition
  • Meet up in a coffee shop or bar for a refresh of the basics or to go over areas that you’ve not covered before.
  • What is exposure, and how to get it right? Practice changing the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation to get the correct exposure
  • Using your histogram to understand light
  • Focal length, Depth of field, and camera shake
  • The focusing system
  • The different composition rules



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"Wayne Marinovich of Wayne Marinovich Photography"


Wayne Marinovich is a successful photographer and published author living in West Sussex in the UK. Through his love of the natural world and a passion for photographing the urban landscape, he is now offering 1-2-1 tailored photographic sessions.

With 35 years of photography experience, these sessions will be geared around teaching you how to learn to capture the images you’ve always imagined taking by making the most of your photographic equipment.

Wayne will help you unleash your creativity and inspire you to see the world with fresh eyes through your viewfinder.





For something a little more specific, like learning to shoot in the urban environment, you may also be interested in the Urban Photography workshop.




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