March to stop Lion Trophy Hunting, April 2016

On Saturday the 30th April 2016, I joined the March against Lion Trophy Hunting through the tourist-filled streets of London in a call to end the imports of trophies into the UK. Hunting for trophies was first started by big-game hunters from the UK many decades ago, and it is about time we joined Australia, France, and the Netherlands in banning imports. Stopping the very thing that feeds the hunters ego and lust, the trophy, is a way to help starve the demand and therefore supply.

Organised by six charities (list and links below), the day was a fantastic success as representatives delivered a signed letter to PM Cameron while about 500 campaigners stood across from Downing Street, making their voices heard.

A big thank you to these charities involved. Please donate where you can and support their various campaigns


Born Free Foundation


Four Paws

One Protest

Save Me Trust




"Say No to Lion Trophy Hunting - Marinovich Photography"


"Cavendish Square - marinovich photography"

Listening to speeches in Cavendish Square, London.

"I'm not your trophy - March Against Lion Trophy Hunting"

Some of the wonderful artwork available to all the campaigners

"Marinovich Photography"

Lions were everywhere.


Even the dogs turned out for the Big Cats

"Christine Macsween, Lion Aid"

Christine Macsween from Lion Aid, getting us started in Cavendish Square

"Marinovich Photography"

The future generation getting involved

"Marinovich Photography and conservation

March to Stop Lion Trophy Hunting

"Ban Lion Trophy hunting"

Dressed to impress. Awesome effort made by the campaigners

"Marinovich Photography"

The boards say it all

" Anti Lion trophy hunting boards"

Anti-Lion trophy hunting boards

"Cecil the lion - Marinovich Photography"

Cecil will not be forgotten

"Marinovich Photography"

On London streets

"Marinovich Photography"

Lion couple giving a voice to the voiceless

"SA Flag - Marinovich Photography"

SA represented

"Lion King - Marinovich Photography

Had to see the irony

"Marinovich Photography"

Loud colours and loud voices

"Anti-trophy hunting - MArinovich Photography"

Only psychos kill for pleasure

"Marinovich Photography and Conservation"

Save our Lions

"Marinovich Photography - South Africa"

Dominic Dyer gave us a speech at South Africa House, a country that continues to exploit lions for greed and profit. The land of the canned hunt.

"Marinovich Photography"

Blood on our generations hands

" Marinovich Photography"

Gathering Posters

"Downing Street London"

Opposite No. 10 Downing Street

"Virginia McKenna - March against Lion trophy Hunting"

The extraordinary Virginia McKenna giving an impassioned plea to end Lion Trophy hunting.

"LionAid - Marinovich Photography"

Dr Pieter Kat, one of LionAid’s Directors giving his message.

"James Cosmo - Marinovich Photography

LionAid Patron, and legendary Scottish actor, James Cosmo, letting No.10 have it.

"Poaching - Marinovich Photography"

Passionate supporters can make the difference.


The only animal hunting that should be allowed should be with a camera.


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