Musk ox pair

Musk Ox pair

I got back from Norway a few days ago and I am currently working on a trip report which should be up on the blog in a few weeks time. It was a fantastic trip and definitely offered more than I expected. This in one of my favourite photographs simply because it had been in my minds eye before leaving on the trip and one of the photographs that I wanted the most. I have gone with a slightly harder process (upping the Clarity in Lightroom 4) to bring out the texture of the animals coats.

I have also decided to change the Watermark and made it more prominent following several Photos that have been lifted  from Facebook and 500px recently. I am reevaluating my social media presence at the moment and as I plan my new website, you should see some changes filtering through over the next few months.

Keep well.

Musk Ox - Dovrefjell National Park - Marinovich Wildlife Photography


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