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"Morning mist abstract in London - Marinovich Photography"

New Website

I’m really excited to welcome you to the new website. The old Marinovich Wildlife Photography blog had served me extremely well and looking back I can see that my first post was all the way back in September 2010. It will be renamed Wayne Marinovich Photography.

That blog post was about an awesome trip to India I took, and I can remember my first jeep ride into Manas National Park as if it were yesterday. Since then, there’ve been many posts covering wildlife and travel photography trips. Dotted amongst all the photos and images was the odd conservation post highlighting a topical issue or even photos that I have taken at the wildlife protests I attend. It was all getting lost in the huge amount of data that I had shared, so I felt the need to set up something a little more structured and easier to use, especially on mobile devices.


New Technology

With the advent and drastic rise of mobile technology, coupled with social media, the need for a mobile-friendly site was paramount. I also wanted a way to show the galleries of photos in a more mosaic or tiled fashion which I couldn’t do before with my old WordPress design. Now, Prophoto (the site that runs the theme I use) has made the changes that I need, and here we are. A fresh, scalable, and more visual website.

"New website is mobile friendly - Marinovich Photography"


New Directions

Wildlife and conservation have always been important to me, even more, important than the photography, and it was always in the back of my mind to have a more tailored approach to promoting my work plus my passion for the planet.

This new website now has a larger area for pages dedicated to my imagery and posts. Along with new menus, there will be a dedicated section for conservation. This includes the Umlindi Project, which is due for launch soon on the Marinovich Website.

The Ricoh KR5 was the film camera I bought at the age of 13, and photography has been a part of my life for the last 35 years. One of the new areas of the website will be for training. I’ll be doing a basic camera skills course for newbies and beginners, and workshops for intermediate users who want to push their skills base a little further. Another offering will be walkabout mentoring, and these sessions will focus on bringing out the creative aspects in your photography.

"New Direction from old roots, The Ricoh KR-5 - Marinovich Photography"


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