One of my favourite photos #3 – Grey Heron

All wildlife photographers will tell you how their personal tastes evolve the longer they do it. You go from the euphoria of getting your first 500mm lens and taking nothing but frame filling photos, to eventually maturing into a more rounded photographer who tries to tell a story with all your lenses.

This grey heron photo was taken back in the winter of 2011 in my favourite patch, Bushy Park. I love the clean background here as I had to get low to the ground to get at the bird’s eye level. The heron was walking about on the banks of a small lake amongst the clumps of bushes right on the water’s edge. Every now and again, it would raise its head to look around, similar to an ostrich. I always chuckle at this image when I think about what might be going through its brain – “Where the bloody hell am I?”

The light was also really great at the early hour.


"Grey Heron - Bushy Park - Marinovich Wildlife Photography"

Grey Heron in Bushy Park, London. Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, Canon 500mm, f/5, 1/2500sec, Iso200, exp comp -0.7


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