One of my favourite photos #9 – Black-winged Stilt

Birds should be photographed in colour.

They are by nature, colourful, vibrant and due to a wonderful global biodiversity, interesting to photograph. I have occasionally shot silhouettes of larger birds of prey, storks or herons, but never anything smaller. So when I left the Olifants camp in the Kruger National Park before sunrise and stopped on the expanse of the bridge, I hoped to get some silhouettes of anything which appeared between me and the sun.

As time ticked by, I could see a great reflection forming of the sky in the vast pools of water. Running up and down the length of bridge taking photo’s of all sorts of birds and mammals, I saw this Black-winged Stilt feeding in the shallow areas  and knew I had a keeper.

It is one of my favourites because sometimes, less is more.


"Black-winged Stilt - Marinovich Wildlife Photography"


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