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"My social media accounts - Wayne Marinovich Photography"


Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social mediaLori Ruff.


Social Media  – Are you following the right accounts for my work?

It’s a busy place out there

Do you see all my recent work on Social media? With many platforms now deciding what you need to see with telepathic algorithms, you might be missing out. Listed below are the platforms where I share photography and book news, offer book giveaways, or simply hang out more.

The Social media phenomenon

This media has become a whole way of life for a generation. A social interaction religion for the masses. A new cult of media zombies spends all day huddled over their phones. All bowing to a tiny screen, making sure that they don’t miss out on things they have no time to participate in.


"My Social Media Accounts - Wayne Marinovich Photography"

Don’t get me wrong, I like the concept of being able to cheaply engage or interact with people all over the globe. Next year, I’ll have travelled to my 50th country, and I hope to get to many more. My phone will definitely come with me on these travels. But, nothing beats being out with friends, or simply walking alone with your thoughts.

I can’t count the number of great friends and family I have dotted across these visited countries. Well, actually now I can. Thanks to the new apps, I can stay in touch with people with who I might have drifted apart because of distance. Some friendships are formed instantaneously, others take a little time to develop.

So, I have several accounts that I am active on, and I’d love to meet you there.


My Corner of Social Media

Facebook Accounts

Personal account

This is my personal account, and it is limited to people who I have met or have known on the web for a long time. I no longer post professional photos from any of the genres that I shoot on this account. All wildlife, travel and street work now reside on my Facebook photography page. So, if you want to keep seeing all the great places, people and animals I photograph – follow the pages below.

Wayne Marinovich Photography

Showcases my updated Wildlife, Travel and Street photographs and galleries. I also offer photography courses for beginners, intermediate, and 1-2-1 walkabout sessions. Part of this page is also to share the work of other photographers. Articles about the technical aspects of photography also get featured

Marinovich Books

A home for all the books that I’ve written. I’ll also share news about up-and-coming projects, free giveaways and writing tips. Here, I share work from other successful authors as well as my articles.

"My Social Media Accounts - Wayne Marinovich Photography"


Instagram Accounts

Wayne Marinovich – Personal

A home for most of my personal images that I tend to take with my phone as I travel


A home for my urban and street photographs. Where I share my photography teaching and mentoring posts, courses and workshops, and generally all things photography.


Shared travel adventures and photos with Anneli Marinovich Photography. Like all the accounts above, only professional work is exhibited here – no iPhone images.

"My Social Media Accounts - Wayne Marinovich Photography"




Tweets and RT’s about books, writing, publishing related content. I use Twitter lists extensively to group my followers into more manageable areas. It’s about engagement. Those who I engage with go into lists.


Tweets and RT’s about Wildlife, Street and Travel photography. I also share and RT Conservation and environmentalism related content here. I use Twitter lists here too.

"My Social Media Accounts - Wayne Marinovich Photography"




Which is the best one for you?

I realise that many of you are not active on several social media sites anymore. Pick your favourite (or one where you are most active) and feel free to connect with me. It would be great to have you in my creative corner of the social world.

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