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WildArt – The Lower Perspective

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"WildArt - A Lower perspective -Marinovich Wildlife Photography"


WildArt – a Photographic book

WildArt – A Lower Perspective is a simple tribute to the wonderful wildlife I have been fortunate enough to photograph.

There was no eureka moment. No single wildlife sighting or published photograph that inspired me to shoot the collection of photos for this book. Maybe it was the composition principle around the rule of thirds or a love of being at eye level with my subjects.

As I traversed this wonderful planet of ours and photographed the various animals, birds and reptiles I’ve encountered, I quickly realised that I preferred a slightly more abstract version of the standard wildlife portrait. Deep down, I guess I must be a bit of a minimalist. I do love making the animal or bird the focus of attention, unlike many photographers who enjoy showing the animal in its entire landscape.

Once the theme started to evolve, I pursued a wider range of species in the hope of showing off the incredible diversity of critters we share the planet with. I also tried to show the smaller species that sometimes get taken for granted.


Foreword from a legend

“Wayne has been on a very personal journey, one of equal extremes. Spending time with wild animals does something inexplicable to the soul, and in producing the images for this book Wayne has enriched his. What’s more, it shows in every image.”

Peter Cairns.

Scottish-based nature and conservation photographer. Founder of Northshots.


"WildArt - The Lower Perspective - Marinovich Photography"


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