Top 20 Species Bucket List.

As a teenager I sat down to write down a list of 100 species around that planet that I really wanted to see before I drifted off to the Great National Park in the sky. It was not a very difficult thing to do as being at boarding school at the time, I could spend hours researching the list (I even had all the latin names) in the library.

Five years ago I thought I would summarise it into a Top 20 list that I wanted to photograph as well, and although I have photographed a few, I still have quite a few of these beauties to find, and that excites me.


"Polar bear - Arctic - Svalbard - Marinovich - Wildlife - Photography"

Polar Bear – Arctic Circle north of Svalbard


Polar bear (done)

Bengal Tiger (done)




Snow Leopard

Giant Anteater

Siaga antelope


Long-beaked Echidna

Iberian Lynx


Hoolock Gibbon (done)


Giant River otter

Blue Whale (done)


Palmnut vulture

Any Bird of Paradise.

Gaur – Indian bison (done)


I do realise that there is a serious lack of bird species on the list but I find that if I chase mammal species in certain parts of the world, I tend to photograph the birds anyway.

What species are on your list ?






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