So which Wildlife charities do you donate to?

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Flooded with wildlife charities

So which wildlife charities do you support?

In a world flooded with 24-hour news cycles, tweets, social media shares and other micro-media streams, we are flooded with information.  It gets more difficult to focus on any one particular cause unless it’s marred in controversy or big enough to hold media attention.

If for example, you’re as passionate about stopping the hunting of dolphins in Japan as I am, you tend to follow, and attract, people with interests in similar causes. But, what other causes are you missing out on that you might want to support? There could be other issues that you would be just as passionate about, and that desperately need your help.


The Umlindi Project

Recently I’ve been working on an exciting project to gather a list of frontline charities across the globe. These are groups which cover countries, ecosystems and species.

The Umlindi list is not about the big corporate wildlife charities like the WWF, Greenpeace, etc. I’m only interested in the charities where the money goes straight to the people who are in the battle to save the planet. For example, those charities that need boots and equipment to keep their brave staff, who are protecting the threatened ecosystems and species, safe and motivated.

Please let me have the names of those who you donate to or those that you know of that you wish you could do more for. Anywhere in the world. Email me here


What this project is not about.

  • Umlindi is not a charity and so accepts no money on behalf of any causes.
  • Sorry, but this is not a list for domestic, human or animal abuse charities. There are plenty of wonderful companies and campaigners out there already.
  • Not about supporting large Wildlife and nature charities that use a vast percentage of your donation for overheads and marketing.


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