Urban Photography: a day out in London

Urban Photography in London


Nicknamed “The Big Smoke” because of historical air pollution which regularly gave rise to pea soup fogs, most notably the Great Smog of 1952, this particular London morning in March, was clear and sunny.

I regularly go to London to walk certain routes that I have scouted over the 18 years that the UK has been my home. Every time I train into Waterloo or Victoria stations, I’m filled with an expectant excitement for all the new things that I’m going to photograph. That unpredictability is one of the reasons for my love of Street and Urban Landscape photography. And along with my love of Street Art, it’s always easy to spend all daytripping the shutter release.

"Girl and dolphin fountain - Tower Bridge - Marinovich Photography"

Girl and dolphin fountain – Tower Bridge

Feeding the creativity

I don’t shoot for any project, rather choosing to shoot what I see and like. I sort all my work into projects as I edit and process. I’ve always seen the editing of images as a creative extension of the act of taking a photo. This is because editing images sparks ideas and concepts which alter my vision next time I’m walking the streets. It’s a great creative circle

This particular route is my Waterloo Station to Liverpool Street station walk and measures about 7 miles according to Google Maps. I often veer off the route and return as my instinct demands, or, if I see something interesting happening down a side street. Getting lost is a great way to find new things to photograph.


Book me for an Urban Photography Workshop

I have three established routes to guide photography enthusiasts who want to shoot urban photos but are a little nervous. They will be small 1 or 2 people guided sessions to capture London. Click here to see the routes plus types of images that you might see as we go.

You can also Email me if you are interested in a walkabout session.



“London Eye and Thames embankment - Marinovich Photography"

London Eye and Thames Embankment

“Southbank Skatepark - Marinovich Photography"

Southbank Skatepark

“Morning commuters - Marinovich Photography"

Morning commuters

“Planking on the way to work - Marinovich Photography"

Planking on the way to work

“St Paul's couple - Marinovich Photography"

St Paul’s couple

“St Paul's Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge - Marinovich Photography"

St Paul’s Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge

“Shakespeare by Street artist JimmyC - Marinovich Photography"

Shakespeare by Street artist JimmyC (Instagram: akajimmyc)

“Tower Bridge silhouette - Marinovich Photography"

Tower Bridge silhouette

“Abstract building patterns - London - Marinovich Photography"

Abstract building patterns – London

“Tower bridge in the morning - Marinovich Photography"

Tower bridge in the morning

“The Dickens Inn - St Katherine's docks - Marinovich Photography"

The Dickens Inn – St Katherine’s docks

“Bud Light couple out for a walk - Marinovich Street Photography"

Bud Light couple out for a walk

“ZABOU Street art in Goulston Street London - Marinovich Photography"

ZABOU Street art in Goulston Street London (Instagram: zabouartist)

“JimmyC street art - Marinovich Photography"

JimmyC Street art in London (Instagram: akajimmyc)

“Alphabet wall - Marinovich Photography"

Alphabet wall

“Window cleaner in Spitalfields - Street Photography from Marinovich Photography"

Window cleaner in Spitalfields

“Shok-1 Street art - Marinovich Photography"

Shok-1 Street art “Elvis” (Instagram: Shok_1)

“Art for the Masses - Marinovich Photography"

Art for the Masses – Off Bricklane

“Otto Schade - Marinovich Photography"

Otto Schade (Instagram: otto_schade)

“More Zabou in Bricklane - Marinovich Photography"

More Zabou in Bricklane (Instagram: zabouartist)

“Thieu 14 - Marinovich Photography"

Thieu 14. My first photograph of this talented lady’s work

“Mobile phones and coffee - Marinovich Photography"

Mobile phones and coffee

“An old nickname of mine - Marinovich Photography"

An old nickname of mine – London street signs

“London Street signs - Marinovich Photography"

London Street signs

“Tube lines in the air - Marinovich Photography"

Tube lines in the air

“London Crime Spot - Marinovich Photography"

“London Crime Spot

“Caught in an urban Box - Marinovich Photography"

Caught in an urban Box

“Mie Mani seat - Marinovich Photography"

Mie Mani seat

“Buy Shit - London - Marinovich Photography"

Buy Shit. Overconsumption could be better.

“Working Artist - Name withheld - Marinovich Photography"

Working Artist – Name withheld

“Otto Schade - ET and a gun - Marinovich Photography"

Otto Schade – ET and a gun (Instagram: oto_schade)

“Young Tearaway - Marinovich Photography"

Young Tearaway

“Fucking Beautiful - Marinovich Photography"

Fucking Beautiful

“Beer and a book - Marinovich Photography"

Beer and a book


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