My 5 favourites from 2010

Favourites from 2010

It’s that time of year where I have to choose my favourites from 2010. Having your house broken into resulted in all our camera equipment been stolen in March 2010. It was a setback, but most of all, a bloody pain. The ensuing hassle with police and insurers was frustrating, tedious and stressful. The silver lining was the chance to buy some new equipment.

This meant I could only take photos during the latter part of 2010. I was happy to scramble around England during the deer rut then head off for a visit to the Kruger National Park in November.

After scouring through the heaps of photos, I’ve selected my favourites from 2010, and ranked them below.


Starting in 5th place – Purple Crested Turaco

This photo was taken in central Kruger. It was also the first time I’d seen them up close. The bird in the foreground is a juvenile and was still being fed by its parents. It’s probably the reason they tolerated me snapping away for the length of time I did. Simply, the most beautiful birds to photograph, if not a little difficult. They clamber about a lot, and so it makes getting a clear image impossible.


"Purple Crested Turaco - Wayne marinovich Photography"


In 4th place – Malachite Kingfisher

Every year, these fluorescent darts used to breed on our farm dam. It was one of the first bird species that I identified as a boy. The chance to finally get some decent close-up photos is what makes this a favourite of mine. Taken at the Lake Panic hide near Skukuza in the Kruger Park.

"Malachite Kingfisher - Wayne Marinovich Photography"


In 3rd place – Red deer

The UK’s largest mammal was, as always, a fantastic photographic candidate in 2010. I’m currently working on a project that requires alternative views of mammals, and I had this crop in mind for a while. One cold winter’s morning I came across this Red Deer stag in Bushy Park. It was happy to stare down the lens barrel while I tried a myriad of crops.

 "Red Deer Portrait - Wayne Marinovich Photography"


In 2nd place – Male African Lion

This poor amorous chap had been following a female who was not that receptive to his advances. His nose bore the brunt of her refusal, and he retired to lick his wounds some distance from her. They both lay and rested while I managed a few photos before she got up and wandered off. He followed shortly afterwards.

"Africa Lion - Wayne Marinovich Photography"


…and my favourite for the year

Well, there isn’t much to say about this one. It was early, it was freezing, and it was worth swearing at my alarm clock. The Red deer roaring during the rut at Bushy Park.


"favourites from 2010 - Red deer Rut - Wayne Marinovich Photography"


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