One of my favourite photos #5 – Mom and Calf Elephant

Elephants are in dire trouble in Africa and Asia due to the constant demand for Ivory. China has recently put a moratorium on trade in Ivory, yet the numbers dying and the large seizures at world airports, continue.

I thought I would share a magic moment that I had in Kenya’s Masai Mara while I was on a David Lloyd photographic tour back in 2011. We had been there a few days already and had got some fantastic wildebeest crossings, so it was great when we found a big group of elephants and stayed with them for a while. I am prone to talking to the animals as I sit behind the camera and lens. Sometimes it works, most not.

These two were grazing on a small bush, and I was determined to get their tails in a synchronised swing, which sounds easier than it is (there was talking involved from my part). Especially with the boisterous little fella scooting around. After a few minutes, it all came together, and I got the photo I wanted. Hindsight is easy, and looking back now, I would have loved to get both the ele’s ears out too, but I was still stoked to nail this one.

Long may we see these wonderful giants in the wilds of this planet.


"Mom and calf Elephant - Masai Mara - Marinovich Wildlife Photography

Mom and Calf




"Wayne Marinovich Wildlife Photography"


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