Images and videos have become such an integral part of our everyday lives. As we are more and more absorbed into the digital space, many assume it’s easy to snap a prize-winning photo. To some, taking pictures with a phone is enough. For others, the journey to becoming a good photographer is confusing with sheer information overload.


The internet is littered with snippets of information about photography and how to go about planning and learning for your photographic journey. I hope to make it easier.


In the sections below, I have listed articles and pages that I have written covering a range of topics to help you discover that passion and purpose in your photography. Some are a bit more technical than others, all hoping to simplify an incredible artform.


“We don’t learn from our good images; we learn from the ones that can be improved on.” – Jen Rozenbaum

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120 Page eBook


So what is your photographic journey? This book looks to help beginners and amateurs who love photographing their world and want to pursue it as a hobby or career.


In the book, we look at what a photographic journey is and how you can grow your understanding to better yourself as you progress on the journey. The key to any trip is simply where and why. Why do you want to be a photographer, and where do you want to go with it? We look at the technicalities of cameras and what you need to take good photos consistently. More importantly, in the book, we cover the visual language of your growing creativity.


The key to this journey is learning. You have to learn to see in new ways. You have to learn from others, but more importantly, you must learn from your evolving body of work. If you need help and want to improve as a photographer, this book is for you.