Two-course photography bundle

Two-course photography bundle

"Two photography courses at a discount -Wayne Marinovich Photography"



Do you love to take photos? Are you regularly disappointed with the results you’re getting? Do you want to improve your skills and give your photography a much-needed boost? Why not book a two-course photography bundle and get eight hours of personal tuition with me at a discount?

Each individual course is usually £125 per session. With this offer, you get two sessions for £200, saving you £50. The one-to-one method will allow you to learn at a pace more suited to you as we cover the theory of photography before we go outdoors to take photos. The value here is having access to my expertise and experience all to yourself, unlike larger courses with multiple students.

My suggestions below will help you progress across the two sessions from whatever skill level you’re starting out from. These groupings are split into newbies and beginners, then into people with a little more camera and composition skill.

For more detail on each course, click on the links that suit your needs.


Courses For Beginners and Newbies

For those starting out in photography or still using Automatic or Program mode, I suggest combining the following.

These two courses are a natural progression from covering camera technicalities and understanding light to the basics of your digital journey with the help of various composition guidelines.


For Amateurs with some experience

For those who are more comfortable with some of the more advanced camera modes, this bundle is more about seeing the light and composing your photos, all the while pushing the technicalities you need to consistently take good photos within a genre of photography.



All these courses are offered in London and Brighton in the UK

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss these bundles or any other particular photography training needs you have.


If you’re new to photography, or an amateur who needs a little help on your journey, you can get a free copy of my book when you subscribe to my newsletter.


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